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Mediclinics Speedflow – One hand dryer to rule them all

The Mediclinics Speedflow is an extraordinary machine. A stylish, low profile unit, which is one of the fastest and most energy efficient hand dryers on the market. In addition, it is quieter, by half, than the leading brands of high-speed dryers, and up to one third of the price, with the best warranty in its class.
And there’s more… the list of features is long and impressive. The fact that all this is packaged in one, stylish machine puts the Mediclinics Speedflow in a class of its own:
 MATERIAL : AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL H289 x W267 x D100mm WEIGHT: 3.6 Kg

•High speed hand drying – just 10 to 12 seconds.
•Up to 4x faster than conventional hand dryers.

•Reduces electricity usage by 80% over conventional electric hand dryers.
•Purchase price comes down to 70% less of the leading competitor.
•Slashes cost per use by 99% compared with paper towels.
•Slashes maintenance costs associated with paper towels.

Environmentally friendly
•5 x more energy efficient than conventional electric hand dryers.
•Up to 20 x more carbon efficient than paper towels (life cycle analysis).
•Has achieved GREENSPEC listing in the US.
•Use of renewable electricity sources, reduces environmental impact even more.
•No waste means no landfill issues e.g. a ten-storey office building can produce over 9 tonnes of paper towel waste per year.

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