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Mediclinics Saniflow Hand Dryer – The Reliable Choice

The Mediclinics Saniflow is a stress-free choice for any washroom. It is so solid and reliable that it will outlast many of the washrooms it’s installed in.
Don’t be deceived by its retro-style good looks however, the Mediclinics Saniflow hand dryer embodies over 25 years of design refinement and the very latest electronics. It is smart, as well as good-looking.
As well as being extremely vandal proof, the Mediclinics Saniflow is one of the fastest, quietest and cost-competitive hand dryers in its class, whilst boasting the best warranty in the country, in a large range of models and impressive feaures:
MATERIAL : CAST IRON H245 x W276 x D210mm WEIGHT: 4.65 Kg

•A classic design that has been refined over 25 years of experience in every possible setting. In that time, the Mediclinics Saniflow has been a best selling unit internationally
•European design, manufacture and components guarantee a product of the highest quality
•Backed by the best warranty in the country.

Vandal Proof
•The Mediclinics Saniflow hand dryer has advanced vandal-proofing features
•Covers are fixed to the base with 2 vandal proof screws, requiring a proprietary wrench to remove. •Removal also requires the screws to be turned in a clockwise, rather than the standard, anti-clockwise direction
•Casing materials are one-piece, solid, 1.5mm thick steel and stainless steel
•Casing design minimises points of ingress and flat horizontal areas, discouraging placement of cigarettes and coffee cups etc
Rotating nozzle
•The IR detection sensor is fully adjustable, from 15 to 25 cm, to allow customising for various settings
•Wide range of models, including white steel casing with automatic sensor or push-button manual, bright stainless steel and brushed stainless steel
•Standard shape and fitting holes make this unit easy to specify for any new or retrofitting project
•The reliability and vandal-proofing of the Mediclinics Saniflow make it easy to specify for any project
•The classic design fits a wide range of washroom interiors


•Fast. The Mediclinics Saniflow is one of the fastest in its class, utilising high air speed to dry the hands quickly
•Quiet. The Mediclinics Saniflow hand dryer, thanks to advanced design and quality components, is also one of the quietest in its class, particularly for a unit with this level of performance
•Easy to use. The classic design is very familiar to washroom users
•Advanced design features minimise false activation due to ambient light effects
•Four specially designed vibration isolation blocks ensure quiet, smooth operation
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