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Mediclinics Smartflow Hand Dryer – The Eco-Friendly Smart Choice
If you don’t need a high cost, high performance hand dryer, you would have to consider the Mediclinics Smartflow. It’s that good.
With energy efficiency around 30% better than most other conventional machines (including the premium models), this machine really shines.
It is a compact, great looking, ultra reliable machine that is very quiet and boasts class-leading performance. European design, manufacturing and components guarantee high quality, which is backed up by the best warranty in its class, our lowest priced and the smartest features:

MATERIAL: ABS Plastic H258 x W145 x D138mm
WEIGHT: 1.2 Kg

• Environmentally friendly
• Uses 70% of the energy required by most conventional hand dryers, even the expensive units.
• 5 x more energy efficient than paper towels (life cycle analysis).
• Up to 20x reduction in CO2 emissions compared with paper towels.
• Use of renewable electricity sources will reduce environmental impact.
• No waste means no landfill issues e.g. a ten-storey office building can produce over 9 tonnes of paper towel waste per year.
• Paper towels also imply the consumption of trees, toxic manufacturing emissions, the waste generated by packaging, transport pollution and many other factors associated with manufacture, delivery and waste removal. The total impact of these factors far exceeds those associated with hand dryers.
• Economical
• Reduces electricity usage by 30% over conventional hand dryers.
• Our lowest priced unit.
• Slashes cost per use by 99% over paper towels.
• Quiet

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