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Machflow® sensor operated hand dryer
The line of Machflow® hand dryers provides important energy savings and an ultra-fast drying. Solutions with an avant-garde design and with four different finishes so that the dryers can easily blend in with the decoration.
New generation high speed dryer ideal for high traffic areas.
Manufactured in Europe, warranty 3 yrs labour – 7 yrs parts.
Uses up to 90% less energy than warm air hand dryers.
Dries hands in a super fast 8 – 12 seconds.
Has no heating element.
Adjustable motor speed, air flow, dry time and noise levels.
GREENSPEC listed and great for NABERS and GREENSTAR.
Vandal resistant design

H330 x W213 x D170mm
WEIGHT: 4.7 Kg

When the green option is also the best commercial solution.

The Machflow is one of our three “Green Hand Dryers”. It achieves the impossible – better performance WITH better energy efficiency. Both drying times AND energy usage are slashed by up to 5 times.
This is a dream come true for anyone wanting to improve the environmental performance of their buildings without sacrificing too much in terms of performance. You sacrifice nothing.

The Machflow has the potential to make a big impact on your NABERS and GREENSTAR scores, while it also improves your customer experience and reduces your running costs.

•Dries hands in 8 to 10 seconds
•Up to 5x faster than conventional hand dryers.

Mediclinics Machflow hand dryer:The Uber-dryer
The Mediclinics Machflow is an extremely powerful and energy efficient hand dryer. It will reduce energy usage, increase customer satisfaction, reduce running costs, improve your NABERS and GREENSTAR scores – and it will continue to do this for many years.
European design and manufacturing, backed with class-leading warranties, and brought to market at very competitive prices, all combine to make the Machflow hand dryer an extraordinarily compelling piece of engineering.

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