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Mediclinis Junior Plus - Sometimes Simple is Best
If you want a simple, high quality hand dryer at a low price, your choice is very simple.
The Mediclinics Junior Plus combines great performance, low noise and high durability and has the best warranty in its class.
The European styled casing is a very solid 3mm ABS and has simple, modern lines – it is very easy to specify for a wide variety of low traffic situations.
With its long and impressive list of features, the choice is easy:
MATERIAL: ABS PLASTIC H300 x W252 x D133mm
• The Mediclinics Junior Plus hand dryer is one of the quietest machines on the market.
• It is even quieter than machines with much lower performance figures.


• It has a very clean, modern design, which will work well in a wide range of interiors.

Budget price

• The Mediclinics Junior Plus hand dryer delivers excellent quality at a very low price.

• The IR detection sensor is adjustable, with two settings at 15 and 25 cm, to allow customising for various settings.
• Available in automatic and manual, push-button models.

Architect friendly
• The Mediclinics Junior Plus hand dryer is a simple, high quality, low cost machine for low traffic scenarios.
• It is extremely durable and low maintenance.
• The modern European design will fit in a wide range of washroom interiors.
• The Mediclinics Junior Plus, running at only 60dB, is very quiet.
• The standard shape and fitting holes make it easy to specify for a large range of projects.
• Hand dryers, in most commercial settings, are an environmentally positive choice, outweighing paper and cloth towels both in terms of invested energy costs and running costs.
• The Mediclinics Junior Plus, above all, is a high quality machine. It is designed and manufactured in
• Europe to the highest standards, with all components sourced in Europe.
• Because of this, the Mediclinics Junior Plus has the best warranty in the country.
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