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Dualflow® Plus eco high-speed, hands in dryer.

The Dualflow© Plus M14 240V is a fast, energy efficient, ecologic, hygienic & stylish hand dryer. It uses a high speed Class F universal brush motor to create an air stream of 410 Km/h that will dry your hands in eight seconds only. It’s elegant, easy maintenance designed and friendly-use. It’s very respectful with the environment thanks to its low power consumption (420 W in the ECO mode). 
The Dualflow©plus M14 240V comes as standard with a cartridge that holds an HEPA filter medium that filters suspended solid particles (pollen, dust mites, cigarette smoke, etc.), notably improving the air quality. Furthermore, this cartridge also contains and activated carbon filtering medium that neutralizes odours and absorbs fumes and
gases, helping avoid bad odours.

The Dualflow©plus M14 240V provides a premium experience in every aspect. Very fast in drying terms (8-15 seconds), very quiet (only 62 dBA on the ECO setting) and respectful with the environment (consumption of only 420 W in the ECO mode). It can be considered a truly money saver hand dryer owing its unique features that allows it to achieve savings of more than 73% compared to other “hands-in” dryers on the market.
The Dualflow©plus M14 240V is certified form third party by the German Laboratory VDE according with the European Safety standards EN60335-1 and EN60335-2-23 and with the European Electromagnetic Compatibility and repealing Directive 89/336/EEC. 

H656 x W320 x D226
WEIGHT: 8.3 Kg

Mediclinics Dualflow Plus – A Premium Experience
The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus provides a premium experience in every respect. It is very fast, quiet and pleasant to use. It is very eco-friendly, requiring only 20% of the energy needed to power conventional hand dryers. And it is an ultra-stylish unit with a choice of two designer finishes.
On top of these outstanding features, the Mediclinics Dualflow Plus adds anti-bacterial surfaces and optional odour control tablets to create an even more hygienic and pleasant washroom environment.

The Dualflow Plus can also be fitted in disabled washrooms. It also has the best warranty in its class and is priced much lower than its competitors:
*Dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds.
*Up to 4x faster than conventional hand dryers
Style that is more than skin deep

The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus brings a new approach to high-speed hand dryer design.
The effect of this is completely dry hands, all over, within 10 to 15 seconds. The experience is enhanced by the fact that the user is not being exposed to ridiculous noise levels – the Mediclinics Dualflow Plusproduces less noise than the most advertised brand.
The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus also incorporates additional hygiene features. The operation of the unit is hands-free, and the water from the hands is collected, rather than redispersed throughout the washroom. All surfaces of the Mediclinics Dualflow Plus that are exposed to water have an anti-microbial agent, Biocote, embedded in them – killing pathogens for the life of the unit.
And all of this is delivered in a package that costs much less than the leading competitor, with a better warranty.
Make a statement
The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus is all class. The unit has been designed from the ground up; leveraging all of Mediclinics accumulated knowledge to exploit the very best of modern technology. It is very fast, very quiet and very energy efficient. It is a high quality machine, with the best warranty in its class.
The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus makes a statement; it is a stylish fixture, which creates a premium experience for the visitors to your washroom, with a much-reduced cost to the environment. 

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